Learn-to-Earn: How I Got Algos from the Reach Platform for Learning

Welcome newbie

My blockchain experience began late 2019 when I first heard the term “Cryptocurrency”. Being financially inclined for a degree, the currency part caught my attention and I was curious to learn more about it. The first lead I followed was attending crypto seminars and meetups, still the concept was hard to grasp which led to me taking up courses in crypto. In 2020, I met young individuals like me enthusiastic about this ecosystem so I joined them by volunteering. We did airdrops and bounties, crypto publicity and positioning oneself in the blockchain system. All this gave me exposure to the opportunities one can harness while the system is still in its prime. Besides, I was after creating solutions rather than just being a benefactor which way why I chose to become a blockchain developer as I’ve always had a flair for tech. I started by learning web development; how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.

Meeting Reach

Was surfing the net one day and for the first time came across Reach hackathon (Decentralized Umoja I) on a friend’s social media page. Somewhat clueless but brave to sign up for it. Registration successful, I got in to hack but lost along the line due to technical issues. The hack ended and I barely got halfway. Decentralized Umoja I ended.

Getting my hands dirty

Luckily, in a few weeks, I saw another call to hack by Reach platform. This time Decentralized Umoja II. I registered successfully, got in the hack and gave myself to the resources Reach platform had already put in place.

The Reach platform officially onboarded us, gave us the opportunity to form or join a team for those who wanted a group and also option for solo hacking of which I ended up being the latter. Gave sample Decentralized Application (DApp) projects one can work on (majorly, as a guide to what is expected). Mentors were then assigned to participants.

Of the sample projects, I chose a Microblogging site on the blockchain. The idea behind it is for users to make a post and have the audience comment on it. The unique property of the project is such that commenters are able to earn algo tokens for responses also to tip the poster in appreciation.

Running the code on the backend

Choosing a name for my project came later as I was focused on the development. I ended up calling it “Freedom”.

Using the Reach language was simple. From the compilation to the deployment, the output was very fast. I would choose Reach over and over.

Did you know?

  • Reach is beginner friendly. You mustn’t be a programming lord to use the Reach programming language.
  • Reach functionality is straightforward and its commands are relatable with simple words. For instance, ./reach react launches the react app. This is not such a big deal for a beginner. I did not find it difficult to remember the commands because I could say them in my own words.
  • Reach is resourceful. Did I encounter challenges? Definitely! But from the onset, mentors were already sufficed to help through and yay my mentor (name available on request…lol) came through for me. Reach mentors are smart and approachable. From the Reach tutorial to the projects that can be built on Reach, it all was in simple words.
  • Reach opportunes you to earn incentives for your active participation and contribution. Yippee, this is the best part. This was how I got the algos.



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